BarcodeVision™ is an expert in bar code generation and recognition software.

BarcodeVision™ BCR\BCG technology is a complete solution that enables generation, detection and reading of a variety of linear and 2D bar codes. BarcodeVision software team consists of the best image processing professionals focused on developing market-leading products.

The first version of the BCR\BCG software was already available in 1994. Since that time significant enhancements and improvements have made the BarcodeVision™ BCR\BCG solution the ideal choice to add the bar code generation and reading functionality to a broad range of applications and equipment, including multifunctional office equipment, printers, page scanners, handheld area scanners, postal sorting systems, industrial systems and package handling systems, PC and server applications.

Today the BCR\BCG software performs extremely well both in terms of computational time and quality. Initially developed for industrial applications, where reliability, accuracy, high robustness to damage and distortions and faultless performance in sophisticated environments are the must, the BCR\BCG solution boosts reliable and stable performance combined with effective computational resources usage.

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