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BCR Light

BarcodeVision™ BCR Light is a solution which is especially created for small and medium projects where there is no need to use full power of BCR Pro solution. BCR Light has several restrictions (i.e. code size, number of codes on the image etc.) but the reliability is nearly the same as in BCR Pro. If you need to read for example one type of 2D code and your requirements fit with the characteristics of BCR Light then it will be the best choice.

In order to help you to understand whether this solution is acceptable for your needs we propose: a Windows based demo which helps to estimate the functionality, an evaluation version which helps to estimate the SDK and provide a possibility to try to integrate our solution and test it within a trial period. We recommend requesting an evaluation only after you try the Demo application.

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Allowed module sizes 5 to 15 pixels
Allowed frame resolution 1280x1024
Maximum barcodes on a frame 3
Distortion preprocessing Basic
x86-64 architecture Yes (by request)
Unix-systems No
Support Basic
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Single License

This type of license permits you to use our solution(s) on exactly one PC. It is not possible to use such kind of license on the server OS. The license key is coordinated with the System-ID of the target system. You will not be able to use the solution(s) on another PC. If the computer is changed or exchanged, then you can request a replacement key.

Site License
This type of license permits the use of our solution(s) on several PC within one site (limited to a maximum of 10 installations per license). The license key is coordinated with the System-ID of the each PC. Usage the solution(s) by third parties is not permitted.
Developer License

The Developer License permits redistribution of our solution(s) as part of your application/product to third parties (customers). A Developer License is bound to a single developer and can be installed on one PC. The license key is coordinated with the System-ID of the target system. A Developer- License is limited to 10000 redistributions or 10000 possible end users - whichever is higher. „Wrapping“ is not permitted.

BarcodeVision™ 1D BCR

BV1DR001 1D Single License (all types)

€ 248

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BV1DR002 1D Site License (all types)

€ 970

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BV1DR003 1D Developer License (all types)

€ 2 369

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BarcodeVision™ BCR 1 Type

BV2DR101 2D Single License (1 type)

€ 654

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BV2DR102 2D Site License (1 type)

€ 1 872

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BV2DR103 2D Developer License (1 type)

€ 4 850

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BarcodeVision™ 2D BCR

BV2DR901 2D Single License (all types)

€ 1 349

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BV2DR902 2D Site License (all types)

€ 3 860

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BV2DR903 2D Developer License (all types)

€ 8 000

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