About BarcodeVision

BarcodeVision is a department and a trade mark of I.DOT (Institute of Digital and Optical Technologies B.V.), located in the Netherlands.

Since 1994 BarcodeVision engineering team is focused on professional barcode recognition and generation software – BCR and BCG. Today we provide the most robust and high-performance image analysis software on the market. BarcodeVision (I.DOT) licenses its products to the manufacturers, software developers and VARs all over the world. In all applications the BCR technology helps to achieve reliable and stable performance combined with effective computational resources usage. Initially developed for industrial applications BarcodeVision™ BCR technology boosts unprecedented reliability and accuracy, high robustness to damage and distortions and faultless performance in sophisticated environments. The BCG technology developed by the company is used for generation of bar code symbol images and supports a broad range of the most popular symbologies. All BarcodeVision products are carefully optimized for a broad range of the most popular platforms and hand-tuned to the most stringent customers’ requirements. BarcodeVision professional expertise and experienced software team allow the company to offer its customers highly optimized solutions, combined with high quality professional integration services and support.

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